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Calpe boat rental, What happens to us amateur seafarers when the UK eventually withdraws from the European Union? Will Brexit, as it’s known, be a plus or a negative?

There will be few readers who remember crossing the English Channel in the 1950s. It was a wonderful period. You were responsible for yourself and if you drowned, you drowned. Arriving in France or Belgium really was travelling abroad.

Ports had a different smell then, a mixture of strong cigarette smoke, floating fish scales, guts and spilt diesel.

Moorings cost nothing in Calais and Boulogne. Although the environmental changes experienced today in such places are nothing whatsoever to do with the EU, there is one aspect of ‘going foreign’ that no longer exists: to be woken up after a rough crossing by the local ship chandler banging on the cabin coach roof pushing his list of duty-free stores.

None of us knows the positives and negatives of our forthcoming exit from the EU but I do know whenever I pass through a British airport I can purchase duty-free goods – particularly spirits and tobacco – providing I hold a ticket to a non-EU destination. Therefore, if we leave the community with a clean break, the same will obviously apply to all taxable goods.

Perhaps equally important is that there was always was a tremendous difference in the cost of duty-free items bought at airports and aboard cross channel ferries compared to prices offered by ships chandlers in France and Belgium.

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